Funky Short Quotes

Have you ever considered how important it is to have a good sense of humor when interacting with people? With a well-timed joke, the awkward situation can be turned into a pleasant one with minimal effort. People who lack a sense of humor cannot pull themselves out of a tight corner with humor. Therefore, a sense of humor is beneficial to everyone, regardless of their field of endeavor. But don’t just be funny, be funny! It’s important to avoid destroying the vibe by making a bad joke! In this article, you will have the best Funky Short Quotes that make you happy all the time.

Humor also makes a person more likable. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? It is also possible to be more detail-oriented when one is able to make others laugh. To be funny, it is necessary to deliver certain details perfectly. So without wasting more time, let’s move toward the best quotes. 

Best Funky Short Quotes

  • Elegant and funky describe swanky. 
  • My approach to being funky is as wild as I can be.
  • I have become accustomed to having a low-grade funk. In all honesty, you can’t think back to when you felt positive about life. Sticks should never be used to pet any of God’s creatures.
  • Sometimes we all feel down. It doesn’t mean you’re unappreciative, stupid, or lost, and neither does it mean that you’re failing. Humans make mistakes.
  • There is a Funk. Everyone has one. Happiness isn’t possible all the time. It’s not necessary.
  • Humility elevates a game, not killing it with your ‘ Funk.’
  • Despite liking New York funk and California funk, I never considered the South – and Atlanta in particular – took the lessons learned and developed them far enough to be credited with their development.
  • Back when I was young, I listened to a lot of Armenian music pertaining to freedom and protest. I was a huge Bee Gees fan and ABBA, Funk, and ABBA.
  • People who relate to Parliament-Funkadelic or funk music are the people I write about in my plays. The metaphor of black people as aliens is very poetic when those guys get out of a spaceship. It symbolizes the vastness of our people.
  • People have released a lot of funky records over the years that have become catchphrases. There were all the electro-funk records available when Planet Rock came out.
  • Dancing is the essence of all music. People usually associate dance with techno or house when they think of dance. Dance music can be anything you like dancing to. Whatever the genre, it’s dance music to me, whether calypso, Funk, salsa, reggae, or others.
  • Funk is my thing. I’ve produced house music, techno, rock, funk, reggae, and more… Hence my involvement with so many labels.
  • Play that funky music white boy / Play that funky music right when it hit me / Dancing and singing and moving to the groovin’
  • With my funky style and funky swag, I’m all about fun. Get the hat to match the Nikes and the funky, funky shoes
  • As long as my funky old rolls / And some old funky clothes / I’ll be able to ride forever / And no one’s going to care / As long as we’re riding
  • Even though she isn’t mine, I suppose she’s mine / I could ride forever with the funky old rolls
  • Crimes are funky and funky crimes. You don’t realize the color blindness of Funk. So there’s no escape for me. Against the mindset of Funk
  • I love the sound of jazz. Funk is a nasty vibe and sweet, sexy feeling akin to funkiness or the release of essence within.
  • Despite being high, you can also find an element of earthiness, bass, in the low-down rock ‘n’ roll.
  • People’s behavior or attitudes can be characterized by a wide range of oddball traits, from ego trips and protests to escapism. It is a means to a style, not a style itself.
  • Funk(y) also expresses the value of honesty and integrity in works of art and/or material goods that are a reflection of one’s commitment.
  • The late 1970s were a period of popularity for African American music, which included fusions of jazz, rhythm, blues, and rock. But African American music has a wide and deep history.
  • I had no idea that ‘funk’ is an old word for spark until I researched it. There’s a connection to ‘punk,’ which opens up even more paths to the seventies.
  • Funk suggests ebullience and improvisation but also panic and stink simultaneously.
  • In the seventies, there was a lot of both panic and depression. These were the hardest economic times since the Great Depression.
  • It is also referred to as an unsightly odor, which is redolent of old cheese and body crevices dating back four centuries.
  • A life cycle is a form of funk music. Imagination is the limit of this concept.
  • There is no death for Funk. He lives forever. There are just times when it smells different.
  • I like funky music. I also think of it as a mental state. It’s all about the consequences of that mindset. Do your best, and then blow it.
  • You’ll grow a bigger nose if you pretend to be sour.
  • Essentially, the very essence of all that exists in the absence of everything you can think of. A funk is defined as something that we imagine in our minds but are unable to accomplish or be due to a lack of resources.
  • A lot of different types of music make up funk music, so it’s a collage. For instance, they played string instruments, brass instruments and had vocalists.
  • My house is my favorite place to live. As long as it feels lived in and worn, as well as working, I like it if it’s cute and cozy and a little funky. No more, no less. Considering I might not spend every waking moment thinking about my house’s interior, I am fine with it.
  • In those days, white people were not funky or bad enough to make black music. White kids want to be down with hip-hop and R&B, so they didn’t come from the ghettos; instead, they grew up in hip-hop and R&B. They studied the culture because they wanted to learn it. A lot of us should not be so separated because it’s kind of cool. 
  • Funky styles are my favorite. Nothing preppy or rock. 
  • Currently, I’m designing a line of funky, bright, and colorful dress socks. 
  • Funk? I don’t associate myself with Funk at all. Funky is not my style. 
  • In time, I heard many players who were not merely jazz-oriented but totally funky. Take Nat Adderley, for example – he is a jazz trumpeter, so I knew he’d be my man. 
  • I initially got into bands like Dave Clark Five when I was a kid by listening to the groove. The heavy, funky groove really appeals to me. 
  • That’s what James Brown always said… What I play is always going to be funky. 
  • Funky and good-tasting foods are funkalicious. Funky means funkintacious if the guy makes it. 
  • Science fiction ideas require a lot of chewing, rolling around, and playing around before they can become funky. 
  • India’s music makes me feel very groovy. Their version of blues is very soulful. In jazz, however, this is the only school where improvisation is developed as seriously as it is in jazz. This explains a lot. 
  • If it’s funky, if it has swag, you’ll see me in it. I’m wearing anything that has that swag. 
  • Because my fans are happy with me just the way I am, I don’t have to try to be perfect. Despite being strange and a little funky, they find that I am calm. 
  • Sulfites prevent wine from smelling, tasting, or fermenting in the bottle without re-fermentation. Due to this hesitation, the sulfite-free wine trend hasn’t caught on with distributors and shop owners. 
  • You can find me standing on the corner, a little odd but fun and quirky. 
  • You simply cannot grow as long as you have funky energy inside you. 
  • It is important to me to dress cool and wear the coolest clothes I can find! I make it a point to dress up funky and look different. My crazy behaviors make me very happy. 
  • Funky clothes are my thing – flare pants and anything with glitter are most appealing to me. 
  • My hair needs to be cut, at least. Man, buns and funky long hair aren’t my styles anymore. 
  • I love things that are funky and old. My favorite color is red, and things that are lined up make me happy. 
  • I love Topshop so much. They have some of my favorite booties. In Topshop, you’ll find a really cool collection of booties. Over-the-knee leather boots by Christian Louboutin would be my splurge. I love them! Wear stretchy skinny jeans underneath a black turtleneck! 

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